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4 Ways To Simplify At Home To Supercharge Your Life!

by Contributing Author

4 ways to simplify at home to supercharge your life!
Tao of Dana

If you’re feeling demotivated, having trouble focusing, feeling stuck, or uninspired, there are endless ways to simplify your home and enrich your life in the process. , sharing my favorite feng shui methods to make your space lighter, easier to navigate, and more supportive!

Getting rid of clutter should be first on your list Because there are always causes of creative block and symptoms of creative block, depending on your personal situation. If you need more motivation, this video is for you.

I’m doing a small feature update at home. I’m looking to buy a stainless steel sponge holder for my kitchen sink. This may have seemed like a trivial thing to me 10 years ago, but now it’s a real upgrade, making the sync function more elegant and smooth.Need a pen holder on your desk? A mirror for the shower? A stepping stone in the bathroom? Bright lights on the back porch?

In my experience, small, intentional updates are incredibly powerful. You are investing in making life better, and that energy reverberates through everything you do!

Not very visible where you need to concentrate. As much as I love the pile of crystals stacked on my desk and the big cup full of pens, I can’t live with them. . When you’re at your desk, you need a clear space to focus. You may need to clear your kitchen deck so you can focus while cooking. Or maybe you need to organize your car so you can focus on driving. Concentration is very important and makes you more present, effective and efficient.

keep home simple

Create a list to manage your home. Hollywood’s best property managers have lists of tasks that need to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis in the homes they manage. Make an annual schedule. Set regular weekly appointments for house cleaning and landscaping, monthly appointments for required maintenance, and yearly appointments for inspections, battery replacements, emergency kit updates, and other essential tasks. You become “on top of things” as this energy permeates every aspect of your life.

This in itself is not difficult. The practice of Feng Shui begins the moment you realize how big and important your environment plays in all aspects of your life. Your space is an often overlooked key that can unlock more strength and growth in your life. The magnificence will be revealed as more creative superflows are brought to you!



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4 ways to simplify at home to supercharge your life! First appeared in The Tao of Dana by danaclaudat

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