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4 Tips for Making a Cozy “Pop-Up” Temporary Guest Room

by Contributing Author

Four of my best friends recently flew to North Carolina for my birthday, so I set up a little “blow-out” sleeping room so we could throw a good old-fashioned slumber party. We shared a little bit about this sleepover room when we tested and ranked the best air mattresses on Amazon. To do.

1. Use a double-height air mattress

rug | | Air Mattress | comforter | | seat | | Side table | | cupboard | | basket | | flush mount | | pendant | | basket

Especially when it comes to hosting during the holiday season, it’s okay to blow up air mattresses for your guests. However, not all air mattresses are created equal. That’s why we decided to do some testing to find the best. In my opinion, the best air mattress has an internal pump and is twice as high as his. No need to squat on the ground to get in and out of bed. The mattresses we tested have a very comfortable height and with all the bedding they look just as comfortable and cozy as a regular bed!

One tip we’ve received from our readers is to always have a carpet or rug under your air mattress to retain heat! You can also add a mattress topper for extra insulation and comfort.

2. Comfortable bedding

Speaking of comfort! Don’t skimp on bedding just because it’s an air mattress. Four of these air mattresses were 20 inches high, one was 18 inches, and the two 18 inch deep sheets worked perfectly on all of them.As I said before, you can add mattresses if you want extra cushioning and warmth, but I was perfectly comfortable without them. comfortable sheetseach bed came with two pillows. queen size comforter (We recommend sizing up), plus a top blanket for added warmth and coziness.

3. Don’t forget your nightstand!

Just because your guests sleep on air mattresses doesn’t mean you can’t take extra steps to make them feel right at home. In fact, I recommend making more effort to accommodate them.to set night stand Alternatively, a simple stool next to the bed to hold your phone or belongings would go a long way.Bonus points if you get them lamp.

4. Prepare a welcome basket

Perhaps one of my favorite things to do for my guests is have a welcome basket full of goodies.Here is what I included in these basket!

Pleasant things:

slipper, scrunchie, socks, sleeping mask

Beauty products:

dry shampoo, Rosewater facial spray, lip mask, makeup wipes, lotion, tooth paste

Useful items:

water bottle, portable charger

something sweet:

smart sweets, Chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels, mint

Inviting guests this holiday season? What are your tips?

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