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4 Things That Keep My Entryway Clutter-Free for Under $100

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Most homes have an area (a.k.a. a “landing zone”) where you drop your shoes, keys, bags and jackets and pick them all up on your way home. Some homes and larger apartments have a foyer or mud room for this purpose, but smaller apartments like mine tend to have a small foyer that houses all these items.

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Nothing is more stressful than walking through a cluttered front door or being late for an event. So I tried several different systems and finally settled on four items that would improve the look and function of my apartment hallway. What’s more, these discoveries totaled less than $100.

This is not the first time I will write about this 4-tier shoe rack, and it may not be the last. His three shelves at the bottom hold nine pairs of shoes, and the smooth wooden top is perfect for all kinds of items. It’s easy to assemble, fits nicely behind most doors, and looks smarter than your average shoe rack.

Magnetic hooks are very convenient. Especially useful in the kitchen. My entryway is back next to the fridge, so I put a magnetic hook there to secure Dog Rain his jacket (human jackets go in the entryway closet). That way, when it’s raining, you can put it on your dog and hang it in the same spot to dry. You can order.

One item to store above your shoe rack is a ceramic dish for your keys. I strongly advocate having designated drop zones as searching for keys in pockets, bags, and other places can be very frustrating. You probably have similar dishes and souvenirs floating around your home, but if you’re looking to buy something new, this bowl from Crate & Barrel is the way to go.

Another item I keep in my shoe rack is a wire basket for storing dog leashes, pet wipes, and various other items. This wire basket is actually another great target find meant to be used as a wastebasket. Target no longer sells this exact model, but there are similar replacements.

Entry and exit can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a lot of space. But with a little planning and creativity, you can keep your entryway looking put together, knowing that all your most-used items are where you expect them to be.

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