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3 Weirdest Umbrella Superstitions That Will Surprise You

by Contributing Author

3. Why do Chinese people use red umbrellas at weddings?

The use of red umbrellas in Chinese weddings is deeply rooted in cultural tradition and symbolism. This is because red is the most auspicious color and symbolizes joy and happiness. Therefore, red decorations such as double happiness symbols and mystic knots are often seen.

In addition, the Chinese believe that using a red umbrella at a wedding brings blessings and good luck to the marital bond.

Besides its auspicious meaning, people also believe that its brightly colored red umbrella can ward off negative energy and protect the bride from evil intentions and misfortunes.

It is important to know that brides should not carry umbrellas. Instead, it should be the maid of honor, although in some traditions it is the father of the bride. In addition, using an old, borrowed or gifted umbrella symbolizes throwing away luck, so a new one should be used. After the wedding, the couple should hold the red umbrella to pray for good luck and fertility.

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