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3 Ways to Style Your Nightstand

by Contributing Author

There was a time when you didn’t even have a nightstand. We were young and in love, so it didn’t seem like we needed a nightstand. When we finally got two nightstands it was an upgrade!) Over the years we upgraded to the nightstands we have. increase.

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Of course, having easily accessible bedside storage is incredibly useful, but from a design standpoint, nightstands can bring balance and height to your bedroom. I like the height of the mattress to be the height of the mattress or higher. We lowered the nightstand, which works, but isn’t ergonomically ideal for me.

Now let’s talk about fun! – Nightstand styling. I like the clean look of the nightstand surface, but it’s familiar and somewhat effortless. It’s a great balance and over the years we’ve tweaked and adjusted the nightstand surface so it feels like we’ve brought it down to a science from a design standpoint his 3 that styling the nightstand surface Here’s one way:

3 ways to style your nightstand


One way to do that is to make the lamp the focal point! I like large lamps for ultimate ambience mood lighting, balanced with vase greenery and small sculptural catchalls. If I could tweak one thing about this styling, it would be to remove the candles or group them with the jewelry box and corral them together to try. When in doubt, stick to having three objects (or groups of objects) and vary the height, size, material, and/or color.

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This is the same nightstand in our last home, and I adhered to the same three rules!


loews bedroom project source

Another option is to mount the light source on the wall or hang it from the ceiling like this pendant. Not only does this free up valuable surface area, but it also provides a great opportunity to display art or sentimental photos. I put a nice vintage book on top, a beautiful abstract sketch.


Greta’s bedroom source

A third option (wish I had a better example) is to replace the nightstand entirely and use a taller dresser instead. I incorporated this into Greta’s room for a bit. It’s technically still a nightstand, but I like that it serves as a dresser.In this case, I kept the surface simple and used an oversized lamp. You can also combine a nice photo of the inside.

While looking for a nightstand to share, I was reminded of a fourth option that is specific to certain (but common) nightstand shapes. It’s the same type you have in your guest house and I think it’s a good example of nightstand styling.

Guest house information source

If you have this open-shelf nightstand, keep the surfaces simple and stack vertically within the shelf. It really grounds the nightstand and extends the visual interest.

Regardless of the style of your nightstand, my biggest tip for keeping surfaces clean and fresh is to put a small catchall or decorative box on top to store all your little things. I was particular about compatibility. Here are some beautiful things that I always like to have on display.

buy decorative boxes

And there are some beautiful nightstand options in every price range and in every size, shape, color and style!

1. Dawson Trail $115
2. eden gray $147
3. Wrentham bead board $160
Four. Elmira $200
Five. Wellington $239
6. Jody $244
7. scalloped $349
8. wash wood $498
9. cameo curve $499
Ten. pavilion $559
11. farmhouse 2 drawers $599
12. Cryro Modern $999
13. oxford 2 drawers $1025
14. Wilkins Laurel $1250

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