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3 Things You Should Never Try to Paint, According to a Real Estate Agent

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But things shift from subjective to objective. what You should draw and you shouldn’t draw. Common rookie mistake? I forgot to use the primer before opening the paint can.

“Never paint softwood surfaces such as pine, cedar, and redwood without a primer,” says consumer advocate Kelly Sherin. owner, a New York City-based home valuation firm. “The primer prevents tannin bleeding and other discoloration issues.”

Painting is the quickest and most transformative action a homeowner can take, but there are also pitfalls that become apparent only after the painting job begins. Gerald Splendor, a broker for Coldwell Banker Warburg in New York City. Ahead, Splendore shares three things he shouldn’t paint in your home.

Even if done professionally, painting a wooden floor can go wrong. This is a job that requires a lot of preparation, from sanding and filling cracks and holes to sealing the finished product, he says, Splendore.

“Painting a heavily soiled wooden floor will not help remove or hide the stains because over time, especially in high-traffic areas, the stains will reappear,” he said. “Hole, cracks, imperfections, and protruding nails don’t look good when painted.”

Painting brass hinges and door hardware can be counterproductive, says Splendore, because when dried, the paint hardens and interferes with the hinge’s function. Plus, it will peel off over time and look ragged.

You’ll also want to avoid painting doorknobs.

“Obviously, a doorknob that you touch with your hands with natural oils doesn’t wear well,” he says. “Replace the doorknob or have it re-plated by a professional, but don’t paint it.”

If you’re on the DIY side of TikTok, you’ve probably seen some beautiful bathroom transformations that involve stenciling patterns onto beige tiles. .

But painting bathroom tiles can go either way. As you can see, it’s impractical to paint tiles that are close to getting wet, i.e. tiles that are near the tub or shower. This is because over time, water can cause the paint to flake or blister.

If you decide to paint your bathroom tiles, you’ll need to do some prep work: Splendore recommends doing the right things, like using an epoxy primer on ceramic or porcelain tiles and then sealing the tiles when you’re finished. Preparatory work needs to be done.

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