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3 Practices That Grew My Social Media Following to 1M!

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When Chris Loves Julia started 14 years ago, Instagram didn’t exist yet. There was no social media handbook and the term “influencer” was in its infancy. But then he gained a million Instagram followers and was able to turn his passion for DIY and renovation into a full-time business. Backbone has a creative team. Most of the time my content is aimed at homebodies, like myself, who love making the most of their time at home, but today I’m pulling back the curtains a bit. If you’re not interested in growing your followers or monetizing your business, you don’t need to pay attention to who’s behind the curtain. But if you’ve ever considered making content creation a profitable business, keep scrolling.

I recently had the full honor of sitting with home design industry professionals on a panel at High Point. answered questions about Other Designs There was something surreal about him being surrounded by role models in front of a creative audience and looking to all of us for inspiration. What a stomach fin. But the entire panel made me think about how Chris Loves Julia was able to grow into a profitable business. The answer is simple. Creating consistent, quality content that connects people to stories.

In the beginning, I didn’t have much of a strategy for what I was doing and what I was sharing online. I knew I liked making my home a place we loved living in. Again, blogging was early days and social media his marketing was just getting started was. But I continued to tell our story, and along the way people started investing in us and our homes, and content creation became our full-time job. , decided to take everything they had learned and launch an online community to help influencers find their niche, grow their following, and make an impact. positive impact (r) was born out of our desire to create and nurture a group of influencers who care about best practices for their audience and partners.

Good Influence(r) Mastermind is ready to host the second Race to 10k Challenge. In anticipation, he wanted to share three practices that have helped him gain followers and grow into a recognizable brand.

1. Consistency is everything

Social media is changing every day. So becoming an “expert” in social media is easier said than done. As technology evolves, new platforms, trends, and content formats emerge all the time. The best way to keep it up is to be consistent! The mindset we have tried our best to adopt is finding ways to connect with our audience and potential followers every day. Posting consistently is , helps followers stay engaged with your brand. Additionally, algorithms tend to favor consistency, and the more time you deliberately spend on social media, the more likely he is to learn a thing or two about your audience. .

2. Establish a strong brand presence

One of the first lessons we teach good influencers is to land in a niche.You need a niche to grow. In a world of aesthetics and strong visuals, branding should take the lead. Over time, I settled into a home improvement niche that focused on authenticity and transparency in housing projects. No matter what platform you look at her CLJ, the branding is consistent. Awareness is an underrated part of growth. The goal is for someone to recognize your photos and videos from their exploration feed! Whether you’re a business, influencer, creator, or anywhere in between, find and maintain your branding. Apply your branding as new platforms and trends emerge. Remember, your branding should be reflected in your colors, fonts, tones, photo edits, and even your music. Put your personal touch on everything.

3. Keep your audience in mind

When I think about why I started Chris Loves Julia, it goes back to my passion and desire to create loving homes and inspire others to do the same. Your passion, or “why,” is the foundation of your brand. However, this is not profitable without a loyal audience. Building a loyal social media following takes time and effort, but it’s worth it in the long run as it helps increase engagement and increase sales. Over the past 14 years, we’ve worked hard to build trust with our audiences by consistently showing up and delivering value. All content we create, including affiliate links, sponsored content, partnerships, newsletters, and blog posts, is intended to entertain, teach, resource, or inspire without using any authenticity. based on gender.

As I mentioned earlier, when I started, there was no rulebook for being an influencer. There was no back-and-forth, an ongoing process of trying new things and turning. This is exactly why Chris and I created his Good Influencer three years before him. We wanted to provide resources and be the benchmark for creators in this industry.

May 8th (Mon) Good influencer 2nd start Race to 10K Challengewill give you 6 weeks of intensive guidance on building your Instagram presence organically. If you’re serious about building your business with social media, join us in the Race to 10K. Let’s work together to build your platform, grow brand awareness, and monetize.

In the last six weeks, you’ll learn about page optimization, post frequency, posting niche-specific content, what to share in stories, how to organize your content, how to implement trends in a brand-aligned way, and even Let’s talk about monetization. .

The race to 10k will be on the Creator Mastermind Facebook group. Good influencer subscription.

Subscription options are $24.99/month or $250/year.

Your subscription also includes:

Daily text during challenge
Access to the entire Good Influencer Course Library at:

  • Collaboration with brands
  • grow your audience
  • make money with affiliate
  • Image utilization strategy
  • Good Influencer Glossary
  • Media Kit Workshop
  • How to start, grow and monetize your mailing list
  • There are also many other bonus workshops focused on content creation.

of subscription Everything you need to grow your social media presence organically. Whether you’re an influencer looking to grow your platform, a business owner looking to increase brand awareness, or an artist using social media to sell your products, build a solid platform on social media. We have all the tools you need to do it. media.

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