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3 Kitchen Organization Tips

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A few weeks ago, I got Fulham in the kitchen, working on some much-needed organization in some desperate neighborhoods. Not long after we moved in, we had a professional organizer come in to jump-start the overwhelming season. But as we all know, as life progresses, cupboards and drawers require consistent maintenance and adjustments. So I wanted to share some kitchen organization changes I’ve made in our kitchen.

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Group similar items together

task lamp | | ceramic bowl | | candle holder | | candle taper | | candlestick | | oil pan

Okay, this is self-explanatory and probably obvious, but until recently I used to store my dishes together in a set, and it was a very “duh” moment. I have. So I decided to put all the bowls on one side and the plates on the other.

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And now, especially with the recently added multi-purpose step stool, everything you need is perfectly within reach.

Including clutter-prone items

shopcloth napkins

I mentioned in this kitchen organization post that our linen drawers are overflowing with cluttered cloths and napkins. had. organizer bagI can see everything very clearly and I love that they can be stacked vertically!

Effective use of vertical space

Last but not least, what we all learned from Marie Kondo herself is to utilize space and store things vertically! wire storage organizer For storing serving trays, it’s now easier to grab just what you need. Our cabinet incorporates a divider with Chris’ favorite baking sheets and pans, and we love the flexibility of this cabinet! For now, this is exactly what we need here. is!

Overall, I think the lesson is to keep tweaking and adjusting to do what works best for your space and lifestyle!


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