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3 Feng Shui Energy Shifts To Manifest More Through Self-Reflection!

by Contributing Author

It is tempting to think that the answers are all outside of us, but what we have learned, what others know and think, is much more than we realize through introspection. can be clarified.

Self-reflection in this case is not about deep thinking as a mental activity. Rather, it quiets your mind so that you can listen to the information and confirmation you seek.

Certainly, there are times when we need information from others when we have things to learn and skills to practice. However, in my own experience, even when a lot of information is needed, there is still a tremendous amount to be gained from this inner wisdom.

I “told myself” and “made myself reason” for decisions that were very wrong for me. You probably did the same. Now I know that learning, researching, getting advice, building my skill set and using rational thinking is great. .

Here are some ways to get in touch with your inner wisdom more clearly. Use self-reflection to boost your creativity and reveal more about what works best for you.

Revealing More Through Introspection

Eliminate the visual clutter you see around you. Looking at a lot of things, which I can assert based on what’s on my desk that doesn’t belong there right now (!), can be visually distracting. And it can cause sensory overload. For example, I need a notebook and many things on my desk are useful and important. But I don’t need to see it all. Looking at it all makes me not want to sit and work in the glorious flow. I felt less inclined to dig down and get to the bottom of things.

This applies to any room in your home, office or even your car. Too many things in your field of vision can make it difficult to focus and feel grounded in the moment. I’m trying to clean it up before I finish writing this. Then you will feel a pleasant change in energy.

Use your journal in creative and empowering ways.

This video demonstrates how to:

Pause before reacting to things. I learned this from a friend who has to make many very difficult decisions each week at work. is not always as grounded and consistent as we would like. Pauses can be 5 minutes or preferably a day. Taking the reactive nature out of these decisions will help you move from a place of high connection. She’s counting her minutes now to make sure enough time has passed and she feels good about what she’s communicating, which relieves her of a lot of stress. It helps the situation spiral up instead of making it even more confusing. An invaluable tool for staying in a more introspective space every day.

These are some ways to get started. Dig into your home’s energy and use feng shui in amazing ways, and you can always make changes to help bring out more of your intuitive radiance.

This is foreshadowing great energy!

XO XO! ! !


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