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2023 Year of the Water Rabbit Overview: Part 2 Good Fortune Energies

by Contributing Author

Excerpt from 2023 Feng Shui forecast for the Year of the Rabbit

Celebrate the year of the rabbit with the kindness of a rabbit. It gives you a sweet breath, like sitting in your favorite chair after a long day.

Rabbits are associated with the moon, as the outlines of rabbits can be seen well when the moon is full.

The Tiger preceding the Rabbit is a February sign, and the Rabbit is the sign associated with March and the Pisces zodiac sign.

Rabbits are very calm, cheerful, and easy-going.

However, Rabbit is always resourceful and has a unique ability to get out of difficult situations or plan cleverly without giving away secrets (which he defends well).

The four stars of the year and the peach blossom animal combine to create a beautiful and loving energy, so why not turn your attention to your home?

This is a great time to remove all unnecessary absolutely love Fill your home with everything you do.

Have a green thumb?

If not, in addition to landscaping, removing old overgrown shrubs can bring new life and energy to your home. All energy starts outside and goes inside. Landscaping is one of the best ways to improve the energy, health and life of your home.

In the year of the Rabbit, which is the sign of the Goat and the Pig, the Chinese Zodiac friends of the Rabbit will get a helping hand from their affinity with the Rabbit.

However, the rooster is a symbol that opposes Jupiter, so if you are a rooster, it is advisable not to rock boats with people in authority. I would think.

Let’s talk about the most beneficial energies of the year….

Read each energy to determine how it affects you and your family. Pay close attention to the energy you have in your entryway, bedroom, or home office.

It’s also wise to find out who occupies the sectors where these beneficial energies fall. Because these energies bring many benefits and good luck to those who sleep, work or study here.

White 1 Victory Star flies to the Southwest Mistress and Marriage Sector.

This number is viewed very favorably in annual feng shui and feng shui in general. One star, associated with the North and Water, generates income and offers career and business opportunities.

This is a number related to income, opportunity and ability to beat the competition.

Because it’s located in the southwest, your star will stand out and you’ll be able to achieve greater success, especially if you have a southwest front door or bedroom, or spend your time in a southwest corner room.

If this corner is in an important room in your home, such as your bedroom or home office, be sure to compete, enter the lottery, and buy a lottery ticket or two.

One star is also a winning star.

Its pluses include opportunity and wealth generation, and rising excellence. One star is considered a lucky star that is welcome wherever you go.

The 1 star is associated with Jupiter, a great benefic. Anything touched by one star like Jupiter expands. The 1 star is especially helpful for the 2023 Chinese zodiac signs of the Goat and the Monkey.

In the Year of the Rabbit, Southwestern women keep this important Victory Star in their corner.

This year is the year that transformation, or victory, will be yours.

Four Educational and Romance Starflies Head to Center Sector

When the four stars fly into the central sector in the Year of the Rabbit, the energy of that year’s water creates a flowering effect. This is the star that uses the energy of the center Earth to produce a rosy bright light in your home in 2023.

The four stars representing small trees bring romantic energy to the whole house this year. Good for educators, writers, authors, and anyone taking tests.

It’s equally useful for students, marketing specialists, salespeople, and anyone looking to enhance their love life.

Interestingly, the 4th star is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, travel and learning.

The four stars offer romance and educational benefits for the whole family due to their central location, but are especially useful for the eldest daughters, Dragon and Snake.

Spend time in this place as the love spreads throughout the home, especially with the open floor plan. It is also a great point for those who have an L-shaped house and the front door opens in the center of the house.

What is the planet’s only concern? Unfaithful. Given that risk, this star can pull it off.

6 White blessings and windfall

Six stars is one of the most popular and highly rated stars of all. This is a beautiful energy star that bestows favors, achievements, power, influence, authority, and perhaps the best of all its benefits.

In the year of the rabbit, Six Stars land on the west side of the child.

Think of the 6 Stars as this kind of support… it’s like coming from heaven.

As the star represents the sign of the Rooster, the Rooster will have an advantage this year, receive an unexpected inheritance, or perform well in the stock market.

This year is a year of increased travel and international opportunities.

It is also an indicator of the presence of a man, or someone who has the ability to lift you up, guide you, or open doors that were previously closed to you.

Think of someone with fame, power, or authority who will notice you, help you, introduce you, and bring you good fortune. chance.

The 8 Wealth and Prosperity Stars fly into the Southern Sector of Recognition, Status and Success

Everyone is always anxious to activate this planet as it is the planet of wealth. The 8 stars of wealth bring financial benefits and lucky opportunities, making this corner of your home the luckiest.

This planet is ruled by Saturn and its benevolent nature, and is also ruled by the Sun.

Saturn is called the planet of taskmasters or teachers, but it is also the planet of rewards. Saturn rewards you whenever you work hard at something.

The Sun gives power and status, prestige, and recognition. These qualities of both the Sun and Saturn represent the rewards brought by the eight stars.

The 8 stars most benefit the Horse sign with new opportunities and income in the Year of the Rabbit.

Anywhere the eight stars fly is the perfect place for a front door, so those with south-facing homes and bedrooms will have great energy and prosperity in 2023.

The nine purple bugs fly into the northern corner of opportunity, income and transformation

9 The purple star is one of future prosperity, flying north this year, bringing success at work through your connections, reputation, and self-promotion ability.

The 9 stars are ruled by Mercury and the Moon.

In the year of the Rabbit, the zodiac sign of the Rat expands the world in some way. There is growth and expansion in their lives as the nine stars expand and multiply.

9 is the energy of the new age of development that will arrive in 2024 next year. As such, that energy becomes stronger, luckier, and luckier as we move forward into the year.

Coming from the social sector of the South, people with north-facing homes or bedroom locations this year will have a lively social calendar, offering opportunities to put them in front of others that bring them fame and admiration.

If your doorstep is here, you may find that this year’s opportunity evolves into greater financial gains down the road.

Social and recreational opportunities will be even more prominent this year.

Activate and Highlight Your Lucky Stars

If you are lucky enough to have one of these stars in your entryway, bedroom, home office, or living room, you will benefit most from their energies. please.

All the details for activating your lucky stars and alleviating suffering are outlined in my yearly feng shui predictions. Get the year off to a good start!

What are the challenging energies of 2023?

Be sure to check out Part 1 of this article. Year of the Water Rabbit 2023 Overview: Part 1 Anguish

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Where do the energies of wealth, love, and success come from in the Year of the Rabbit?

it’s all covered in me 2023 Rabbit Forecast and Success Pack Here’s everything you need to know to make 2023 your best year yet.

All zodiac signs, bedroom directions, and home directions are covered. Find out what to expect in 2023 and where the power spots are in your life and home.

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