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2023 Year of the Water Rabbit Overview: Part 1 Afflictions

by Contributing Author

Excerpt from 2023 Usen Feng Shui forecast

After the past few years, which features turbulent and uncertainty, the energy coming in 2023 will be replaced by a new light, hope full of hope.

The tiger year was the first animal of the three zodiac signs of Tora, Rabu, and Dragon Spring, so I first brought spring energy. Rabbits represent the coming of spring, nature blooms, and green growth appears.

Rabbit energy provides rest from cold and solemn energy over the past few years, matching the metal elements of pigs, rats, and cattle and winter animals.

Moreover, this year’s monarch, accompanied by a rabbit, is the four stars of love. And what is the animal that fits the soft energy of this kind of petal, like fluffy bunny?

4 is a star of education and writing, travel and romance.

After turning the calendar page in 2023, the tiger retreats to the forest, there is unevenness as usual next year, as if the four stars slipped in, but it became brighter and provided joy.

Thanks to the beautiful and calm energy brought by the rabbit and the four stars next year’s buddy, I think you will like it.

Find a way to enjoy, beauty, and a fun moment in your year. It’s best to use a sweet and gentle energy with rabbits and stars.

The official day of the rabbit

Lunar New Year is Sunday, January 22, 2023. Be prepared for your home in the next new year to celebrate a completely new energy set in your home and life.

Use these articles and podcasts to learn in detail how to prepare a house for the Lunar New Year.

2023: The last year of 8 years

The 8 period is the 20 -year cycle that begins in February 2004 and ends on February 3, 2024. This was the period of “youth” where an Internet giant like Mark Zuckerburg appeared like a flower in the spring rain. .

The 20 -year cycle will be confirmed by 2023, and next year will be changed to 9.

In period 9, new energy becomes feminine. The nine stars dominate the fire and the middle daughter, so you will see women rising with their status and power. This will take place on February 4, 2024 next year. It will be an exciting time.

Let’s talk about this year’s energy …

Read each energy to determine how it will affect you and your family. Take care of the energy in the entrance, bedroom, or home office.

It is also wise to find out who occupies a problem. If you have an elderly, very young, or pregnant family in these corners, it may be wise to move to another bedroom if possible.

As usual, it is best to prepare for difficulties. Once you’ve done it, you can look forward to the year of opportunity, adventure, love and satisfaction, joy and joy.

5 Yellow “Bone Breaker” star flies to the northwest Bred Winner Sector

This star is the most unhappy of all stars. Five yellow stars bring misfortune, misunderstandings, unlucky, accidents, and economic problems. This is especially true if you are asleep, if you are working in this sector, or if the entrance is affected. If this is the case, be especially careful.

This is the division of the earner or the male of the familyHe is the most affected. He also affects dogs and pig constellations. It is wise to be cautious about health, expenses and investment this year. Elderly men should pay special attention to health, especially for blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease. It would be wise to take measures.

2 Black disease stars fly to the eastern health, eldest son, and family category

In 2023, two stars flew east, family, growth, and eldest son. However, all pains can affect anyone in the family, including pets. This year, the second black disease star is in the eastern part.

This is the encounter of two giants, a 2 -star land and a large tree of 3 stars. It can be said that it is a giant crash. When 2 and 3 meet, the so -called “bullfighting” energy is formed. This can mean that your family faces or argues in legal complexity.

In addition to bringing health problems to the eldest son, it may cause stomach problems at home. Also, if someone in the family gets sick, the whole family may be ill. I have. Take great care to prevent the spread of illness.

This sector is related to the feet and lower limbs. Be careful of your activities, as it can cause ankle twist, fracture of legs, or legs. Earth -related diseases become more common, and may appear as stomach problems, gallbladder problems, ulcers, and colitis.

If there is a underlying health concern, this year, they may bloom due to the effects of two stars. Like 1 star, two stars are dominated by Jupiter, but one star. Instead of generating profits like, it only expands the difficulties of two stars.

3 Jadester flies to wealth in the southeast and the oldest daughter sector

The third argument moves to the eldest daughter and the investment and asset sector. This star is also known for stirring legal issues, gossip, controversy, and quarrel. It is especially hard for couples, causing tired emotional fatigue that sometimes ends the relationship or bring a third party.

What are the biggest concerns?

Emotional and nervous upset can cause divorce, depression, or nervous breakdown. Be careful of legal issues, conflicts over money, anger from your eldest daughter, or emotional issues when you are the entrance, bedroom, or home office location.

Seven red violence stars

In 2023, seven red stars head from west to northeast corner. Because it is a field that controls wisdom, you may be dull, injured your hands, or be bullied at school.

This year, it is necessary to pay special attention to these signs, relation, trends, accidents, and theft this year, as the Seven Stars will affect the most zodiac signs of the year.

This star is dominated by Venus. The seven stars are suffering stars and represent the negative properties of Venus. Since Venus dominates its charm and human relationships, negatives such as problematic relationships, discussions, and narcissism are expressed.

Everywhere the seven stars fall, there is a tendency to be cut off and the loss continues. This is the break of human relationships, the break of work, and the loss of a family member.

This star can cause not only human relationships and difficulties, but also a variety of problems, such as robbery, accident, quarrel, slander, rumors, injury, lung illness.

The most important concern is the possibility of a child injury in the educational setting. Please pay close attention to your child’s school environment and protection. Another concern is that a pregnant woman is in this corner. 7 stars can cause bleeding and miscarriage.

3 Killing direction

This suffering moves in a new direction every year and is flying west this year. Three king can affect concentration, communication skills, and the ability to speak harsh words among people. Litigation, slander, and slander can be under the effects of three killing, causing three types of losses, such as loss of reputation, loss of loved ones, and loss of money.

3 Killing accounts for 90 degrees on the compass. He turns his back in the direction of Killing and sits within 90 degrees, and is exposed to its harmful effects. 3 Be careful not to sit down on Killings. This year, it means that you need to face the west.

When evaluating the feng shui in your house in that year, keep in mind the sectors that are affected by all of these.

If these pains are in important places, such as a bedroom or entrance, take measures to manage pain.

This article describes these pains and how to manage them.Or, for the complete outline of this year, my 2023 Feng Shui Feng Shui Forecast and Success Pack Here are all the information you need to know to make 2023 the best year. Please read the part II next week. It is a beneficial star that brings money, love, travel, success, happiness, and chance.

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