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2023 Calendar Printable

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Add a sweet touch to your desk or home office with this free printable 2023 calendar. Print for yourself or stack them all together for a cute and inexpensive gift idea.

2023 calendar printable

It’s very late this year, but the 2023 printable calendar is finally here!This has always been my most requested post this year and a little Christmas present from me. youThank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has supported me in one way or another over the past year. Every comment, share, like and follow means the world to me. Enjoy your new desk calendar for 2023.

You can print the January page of the 2023 calendar.

How to download the desk calendar

We have combined all calendar months into one PDF file, so download one link and save it to your file. If you have trouble downloading, try using Google Chrome as your browser {if you haven’t already} and check your security settings.

After downloading, just print it on your computer.i usually print mine 4 per page {approximately 3.5 x 5 size} but works as a full size page as well. If you print at a different size, make sure no important information is cut off. Heavy computer paper or card stock is recommended for printing. Use a paper trimmer to trim the edges to the desired size.

December page printable for 2023 calendar.

calendar printing tips

Every printer is a little different, but here are some printing tips I use with printers (and I use a Mac).

  • Always preview your images first to make sure the layout is correct before printing.
  • To print 4 sheets on one page, set the printer settings to[プレビュー]Go to[レイアウト]Click. 4 pages {If you want your calendar to be a little bigger, you can do 2 pages per page} Click to print.

How to print four images on one page.

  • If the calendar doesn’t take up the space you want, click the scale to make it fit or increase the scale percentage.
  • We left the calendar borderless so you can crop it to any size you like. However, most printers allow you to add a border when printing. It’s also under the printer layout section.

2023 calendar printable with gold clips.

calendar gift ideas

These little calendars are perfect for Christmas gifts. It’s a very cute calendar that everyone can use! Once all the months have been cut out, add a title page to the top and package it all up. Add to a small clipboard or clipboard frame and tie it to several clipboards to create a nice looking presentation. bakery twine or use a thin ribbon, cute bulldog clips Tied with some bells and ribbons.

2023 calendar printable with gold clips.

How to display the calendar

There are many ways to use the calendar! I like to use it as a small desk calendar – usually on my work desk or in the command center in my kitchen – but for the different ways you can display your own calendar and package it for gifts. I love hearing about it. Here are some of my favorite uses for this calendar over the years…

  • Place in wooden slice holder. A wooden slice makes a very cute calendar holder! Cut a 4-5 diameter piece of wood {found a large branch in my parents’ backyard} and use a saw to make a small groove in the center to hold the calendar. You can also dress it up by attaching a ribbon or twine to your liking.

Free printable calendar in wooden slice holder.

  • Frame it. Frame all the months and then rotate by month.

  I hope you enjoy it.  xo

  • Make a mini calendar for your wallet.
  • use the clipboard. Clipboard is a quick and easy way to view your calendar. Just grab something the same size you would print the calendar on and clip it on.{This is last year’s calendar!}
  • Pin it to your pinboard.

2022 printable desk calendar free with watercolor design.

Download the 2023 calendar for printing

Click the link below to get your own calendar. All the month and cover titles are in one file, so just download, save, and print.

2022 printable desk calendar free with watercolor design.

Download a printable calendar for 2023 here

Hope you enjoy!

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