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2022 Home Project Report Card

by Contributing Author

At the beginning of each year, Chris and I set out to make a list of all the projects we wanted to do that year. And at the end of each year, revisit your list and rate how well you did it! It’s always fun to see which goals have been completely overcome and which have completely failed. You can’t always predict the twists and turns that will happen, but it’s always fun to look back at everything you’ve achieved (and not achieved).

1. wallpaper, etc. music room Study: A+

mural | | rug | | chandelier | | table | | desk chair | | Ottoman Empire | | sling chair

First up on the list is the mural room! I’ve come this far, so I gave it a high rating. Over the course of a year, it was wallpapered, wall paneled, painted olive green, and repainted this soft blue-gray. The furnishings have been rearranged dozens of times and transformed into a formal dining room space! In conclusion, the future of this room is not decided, but I am very happy to have a calm welcome space near the entrance of my house!

2. Bring your backyard plan to life: A+

weave planter | | faux cedar pine | | chaise longue | | striped umbrella | | umbrella side table | | dining table | | dining side chair | | dining armchair

It’s hard to believe this is the same backyard. What was once a small concrete courtyard is now a vacation oasis. Last week we put the finishing touches on the outdoor kitchen including the pergola and lantern (pictures and public posts coming) and everything is officially done!

Adirondack chair (resemble)

It will take some time for the landscaping to mature, but we are thrilled to have a fully fenced backyard for our girls. our new puppy, cricket!!!

3. Build a laundry room on the second floor: B+

wallpaper | | white tiles | | gray tiles | | washer | | Hairdryer | | light

Talk to the Elephant Room in the house, aka the Laundry Room! Everything was going very smoothly until it all came to a pause thanks to the countertops we chose. Simply put, we completely turned around and chose our countertop materials from our local rock garden. Hang the cabinet from there and attach the crown!it all happens this week, I will complete this room before the end of the year!

4. Greta’s bathroom: A+

vanity | | Knob | | sink spout | | faucet handle | | mirror | | candlestick | | hand wash | | towel ring | | Hand towel | | canister | | Tile

Everything about this room is A+ and a true show stopper!

5. Transform Downstairs Laundry Room into Pool Bathroom: F

This room remains completely pristine, but it’s at the top of our list for 2023, especially now that we have Cricket! This is where she keeps her crate and all her belongings!

6. Finish the kitchen: A+

kitchen sauce

The kitchen hasn’t gotten this far without a few bumps in the road, but despite months of waiting for difficult and delayed appliances, it’s officially finished and cleaner than ever.

7. Complete the dining room: B+

wallpaper | | rug | | table | | pendant | | stem

I wouldn’t say the dining room is “finished”, but it’s a beautiful point. Installing the wallpaper and painting the doors and trim was 100% the right move. We can’t wait to see how this room evolves next year.

8. Faye’s Room Phase 1: D

scalloped bed | | rabbit table lamp | | seat | | canopy

Does bed replacement count as “Phase 1”?

9. Home office kitchenette: B

rug | | Chair | | play tent | | flush mount | | lamp

I’ve never built a kitchenette in a “home office”, but I’m giving it a B because I completely pivoted to this room. We cleaned up after we found out we couldn’t have the team outside the house. We went back and forth on what this room would be and after much deliberation we declared it as a bunkroom/playroom! I can do it!

10. Main Bathroom Phase 1: F

This bathroom is still green and the shell tub is still there. And you see a double with mirrors everywhere. help.

Other 2022 Home Progress

Of course, we also have a list of things we didn’t plan on doing, but we did it anyway! Seeing this list of progress around the house makes me feel a lot better about the things we didn’t do (laughs).

wallpaper back corridor


This back hallway can be seen from the kitchen to the right of the refrigerator and has a grass cloth wallpaper treatment that I still love. Two garage door entrances, laundry room entrance, game closet and bonus room There is a staircase leading to the , inside every door there is a little break.


bed | | bench | | chandelier | | rug | | vase | | peony | | floor lamp | | floor mirror

Instead of renovating the bathroom, we took the bedroom! We added box trim everywhere, installed beadboard in the ceiling, and painted the whole thing a rich raisin his brown. We can’t imagine a more luxurious vacation in our home!

Greta’s bedroom

rug | | bed | | comforter | | pillow | | night stand | | horse art

Greta’s room was painted in 2021, but in 2022 it received the time and attention it needed.

guest house refresh

bed | | mattress | | ceiling fan | | Side table | | table lamp | | curtain rod | | curtain | | curtain rod | | roman shade | | flame | | art

Guest House is another space I did a juche last year. We painted the windows black, hung the curtains and art, and brought in the most beautiful bed!

home gym

ceiling fan | | yoga mat | | weight bench | | Ergatta Lower | | dumbbell set | | NordicTrack treadmill | | database method

This space wasn’t on our list at all, but we are so grateful to have a little gym in the house. Can’t wait to show it!

front entry

candlestick | | branch | | bowl | | swivel chair

Your front porch has never been more beautiful! In 2022, we added sconces and a new chandelier, and painted the front door and balusters black. In the future, we would like to add runners to the stairs to help Cricket reduce slippage when going up and down stairs.

round rug | | candlestick | | chandelier | | ruffled top | | jeans

removal of stairs

Last but not least is the decision to remove this staircase. I have a feeling this room will kick-start his 2023 project list ;).

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