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19 Ways to Feng Shui Your Bedroom for the Best Sleep Ever

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Anjie Cho was introduced Elle Decor

All day long you waited for that moment when your head hit the pillow and you drifted wistfully into dreamland. Except you don’t. Your mind is going 100 miles an hour (100 miles) and you somehow find yourself in the kitchen at 2 in the morning, shamelessly spooning the rest of the chocolate-on-his chocolate ice cream and making all your choices in life. question.But before joining the Peace Corps or participating in any activity eat, pray, love After a trip abroad, a little relief from your insomnia may help you get back to a well-rested race. We’re talking about a bedroom vibe boost, the feng shui method.

For centuries, the Chinese believed there were invisible forces at work around us. Some call it Chinese feng shui. Others see it as an early Taoist ideology. But most people know it as feng shui. It’s a belief system that’s thousands of years old, and in a screen-driven, fast-paced moment of pandemic and political burnout, it’s ripe for a re-examination.

We reached out to expert Anjie Cho for practical tips on bedroom feng shui. holistic space, and New York City-based practitioners Julia SarazolaRead on to get inspired in style with good mojo and blessed eyes closed everywhere. Still, please take a trip to Bali.

Aiming for a calm environment

Regardless of your decorating style, your goal is to create a serene bedroom. “A good feng shui bedroom feels comfortable, nurturing, supportive, and homey. Your environment has a tremendous impact on your prosperity, livelihood, well-being, and health.”

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