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19 Things You Shoud Never Do During Hungry Ghost Festival

by Contributing Author
8. Do not play games that may attract spirits, such as ouija boards or foxes.

9. Do not wait at bus stops after midnight, especially after bus hours.

10. Do not use black or dark nail polish. Black claws can make spirits think you are one of them and send you back to hell.

11. Do not enter cemeteries or abandoned houses as they may attract wandering spirits.

12. Do not spit or blow your nose in public places, trees or plants.

13. Don’t lean against the wall. Ghosts like to stick to walls. Because the walls are cooler. Therefore, avoid leaning against them during the moon.

14. Don’t turn around when someone taps you on the shoulder. Many believe that living humans have two protective flames on each shoulder. Even if a ghost pats you on the back, just turning your face will extinguish the protective flame, leaving you vulnerable. To avoid this, rotate your entire body at once instead of just turning your head.

15. Do not kill insects that enter your home – In China, insects in particular are believed to be the reincarnation of spirits or the visitation of deceased loved ones.

16. Please do not start renovation work in July of the lunar calendar as it may cause noise.

17. You should avoid buying a car or a house. The Chinese believe that buying in this particular month will bring bad luck. However, shopping first and signing all the legal contracts months later is fine.

18. Don’t let your clothes dry overnight as they are easily possessed by spirits.

19. Do not host a wedding reception this month. People believe that doing so can bring bad luck to a marriage and even cause discord.

In conclusion, be aware of all these things to avoid during the Hungry Ghost Festival. Because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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