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17 Best Cabbage Recipes

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Do you have clumps of cabbage that need to be used up? Put it to work with these delicious cabbage recipes! Includes simple sides, slaws, sandwiches, and more.

Choosing to make a cabbage recipe can feel like a commitment.you are going to buy whole cabbage to add a little bit of it For tacos? What the hell are you going to do with the rest!?

We hope the cabbage recipe below provides an answer to that question. A pop of color and a crunchy sandwich can be completed. Transform into a crispy, refreshing coleslaw or a silky, sweet sauté. Add to soups, noodles, sushi rolls, and sliders. So don’t be afraid to make cabbage recipes! I promise, you can always find a way to use up a whole head, including the hunks you inevitably forget for a week in the back of the fridge (am I the only one?). The perfect place for

Essential cabbage recipe

Whether you’re a cabbage lover or not, you need these two cabbage recipes in your rotation: one is my cabbage soup, a perfect cozy meal on a cold day. Easy cabbage stir-fryThe side of vegetables is simple.

cabbage soup

cabbage soup
Want to brush a head of cabbage all at once? This recipe is how to do it! Silky cabbage leaves melt into a flavorful tomato soup along with beans, vegetables, and potatoes.

cabbage recipe

sautéed cabbage (recipe below)
This cabbage stir-fry recipe is another easy way to use a ton of cabbage. Before you know it, the whole pot is gone!

4 must-see throws

Coleslaw is a must in any cabbage recipe collection! Here are four fun variations that are crunchy, colorful, and flavorful.

coleslaw recipe

creamy coleslaw
Perfect for barbecues and picnics! A creamy, tangy homemade dressing coats a refreshing medley of red and green cabbage, carrot ribbons and scallions.

Vinegar coleslaw recipe how to make

vinegar coleslaw
This slaw, like my classic coleslaw, features a combination of vegetables such as cabbage, carrots and scallions, but replaces the creamy dressing with a sweet and tangy apple cider vinegar one. I also add sunflower seeds for that crunch!

broccoli slaw

broccoli slaw
Dried cranberries add a sweet pop of flavor to this creamy slaw.

Vegan Coleslaw - The Best Cabbage Recipe

easy vegan coleslaw
Like a classic coleslaw, but 100% plant-based. Enjoy with a vegan hot dog or veggie burger!

taco recipe with cabbage

To me, no taco bar is complete without shredded cabbage. Colorful and crispy, it goes well with any taco!

Buffalo tacos with cabbage coleslaw

buffalo cauliflower tacos
Turn your favorite game day snack into dinner! These spectacular veggie tacos are packed with crispy buffalo cauliflower, avocado, coriander, cabbage and a big drizzle of creamy vegan his lunch. Tip: If you have an air fryer, cook the cauliflower in it. Finished with a crispy texture.

Spicy Mango, Black Bean and Avocado Tacos

Spicy Mango, Black Bean and Avocado Tacos
These no-cook tacos are easy to put together on a busy weeknight.We love how the crunchy cabbage complements the filling with tender black beans, sweet and juicy mango, and spicy mayonnaise. Pour generously and enjoy!

cauliflower tacos with roasted cabbage

Roasted cauliflower tacos
These tacos feature roasted cabbage instead of raw for a depth of caramel flavor. Worried you’ll miss the raw crunch? Don’t worry about it. Fresh ingredients like radishes and sliced ​​serrano peppers take care of it!

Healthy Octopus Salad with Shredded Red Cabbage

healthy taco salad
Salad with the taste of tacos! Shredded red cabbage and chopped romaine create a fresh, crunchy base, while vegan taco “meat”, black beans, and tortilla strips complete the taco ambiance. A tangy coriander lime his dressing ties it all together.

Cabbage udon and rice bowl

Whether it’s Chinese cabbage, savoy cabbage, red, or green cabbage, it can find a home in bowls with noodles or rice.

Mango ginger bowl with shredded cabbage

mango ginger bowl
I love this recipe because a) it’s so delicious and b) it’s so flexible. Change the cabbage to your liking, and change the other ingredients to your liking. Stuff black beans with grilled tofu, substitute brown rice for white rice, and include whatever veggies you happen to have on hand. Don’t skip the pickled ginger. Adds a fresh kick to this recipe!

Azuki rice bowl with sesame cabbage coleslaw

Azuki bowl
A hearty bowl of simple sesame coleslaw, brown rice and azuki beans with nuts. Can’t find your adzuki beans? Black beans work too!

Red cabbage sesame orange bowl recipe how to make

Sesame noodle bowl
These bright bowls make a delicious quick dinner or pre-made lunch. Firm cabbage, meaty mushrooms and crunchy snap peas go well with the zesty miso dressing.

sandwich cabbage recipe

Is there something missing in that sandwich? Just like tacos, a little cabbage adds color and texture.

BBQ jackfruit sliders with cabbage coleslaw

barbecue jackfruit sandwich
A simple cabbage slaw adds the perfect crunch to these saucy vegan sliders. Perfect for game days and summer cooking.

Butternut Apple Cranberry Sandwich with Pickled Red Cabbage

butternut apple cranberry sandwich
Stuffed with roasted squash, apples, dried cranberries and cheddar cheese, this hearty sandwich is basically sandwiched between pieces of bread. Lightly pickled cabbage brings out the spicy flavor.

Japanese style cabbage recipe

These cabbage recipes are my homemade twist on two of our favorite Japanese foods: okonomiyaki and sushi. If you’re tired of making old-fashioned cabbage recipes like coleslaw and cabbage soup, these dishes will change your mood.

Fragrant cabbage pancakes (okonomiyaki) on a plate with chopsticks

These savory cabbage pancakes are a popular Japanese street food. I can’t say my recipe is completely authentic, but it’s quick, satisfying, flavorful, and made with just a handful of pantry ingredients. Tip: Don’t skimp on the toppings. They’re half the fun here.

Vegetable sushi rolls with red cabbage and shiitake mushrooms

homemade sushi rolls
This veggie sushi isn’t traditional, but it’s fun to make (and eat!) at home. Roasted shiitake mushrooms add rich flavor to the ingredients, while red cabbage and cucumber provide a refreshing crunch. Serve the rolls with carrot ginger sauce for dipping.

Want more cabbage recipes?

Check out my new cookbook Love & Lemons Simple Feel Good Food!

It includes a 3-day meal plan specifically designed to use whole cabbage. Plan’s recipes are some of my favorites in the book.

  • Seared Cabbage with Green Harissa
  • Plenty of pitanachos (picture below)
  • Pickled Cabbage and Chickpea Tacos (picture below)

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Love & Lemons Simple Feel Good Food Cabbage Recipe

Best Cabbage Recipe: Sautéed Cabbage

Preparation time: Ten minutes

Cooking time: Ten minutes

total time: 20 minutes

serve Four up to 6

This simple sautéed cabbage is one of our favorite cabbage recipes. A delicious, quick and easy vegetable side dish.

  • Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the garlic and cook, stirring, for 30 seconds or until fragrant, without browning.

  • Add several grinds of cabbage, salt and pepper and cook for 2 minutes or until cabbage begins to soften.

  • Add vinegar, toss, and toss and cook until most of the liquid is cooked and the cabbage is tender and browned, about 6 minutes.

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