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16 of the Best Men’s T-Shirts

by Contributing Author

Chris is a T-shirt guy at heart, but more than that, he prioritizes quality and comfort in everything he does in his wardrobe. Now that I’ve shared my favorite women’s tees, it’s only natural to pass the baton to the collectors themselves and shine a spotlight on some of the best men’s tees Chris has sought and tested over the years.. Ladies, if you shop for men, you’ll want to save this post. Better yet, teach a man to fish (i.e. shop for himself) and send him this post.

wear his favorite t-shirt In this picture 👆🏻

Chris’ favorite T-shirt!

Vuori is arguably the softest material, fits snugly on sleeves and body, is breathable, and comes in a wide range of color options. this is it Over time, most of my t-shirt drawers were filled with t-shirts. This one With slight variations in style and fit, it’s a great option to stay comfortable without having to wear the exact same shirt every day. Henry T-shirt That’s excellent A classic item that can be easily dressed up or down. If you want the highest quality, Vuori is the place to go.

byte basics Makes a great t-shirt. Really high quality fabrics and construction, plenty of color options, and really very affordable. It’s a more athletic fit, but I was able to wear my regular size without hesitation. The fabric is a little heavy, so on really hot days it’s hard to reach for it, but in mild weather it’s fine. I also love the drop cut style.

this is, Reliable, affordable shirt For me over the years! – good fit, comfortable and versatile colors. My only feedback is that the fit will change over time and be a little shorter. I’ll probably keep it for a year or so and then make a great project shirt.

the cut is really high quality shirt. Unfortunately for me, they have a more athletic fit, so my gut excludes me from their target demographic, even if I size up. The Classic Fit is a little more midsection-friendly, but has fewer color options. The Signature Fit is definitely worth sizing up unless your belly is like a washboard. If so, I love it.

Woven This is the t-shirt brand I’ve worn the most in my life. For many years it was the only T-shirt I owned of him. Durable, high quality, really high quality, unique, outdoor inspired design (no words). It’s a subscription service, so sign up and receive a surprise design and color every month. We also have past designs for sale, and you can purchase specific designs that are currently available. Great price, great design, great color, great fit, great quality. I love recommending this brand to people.

Here’s a list of some great men’s t-shirts that I own and some that I’m interested in. Various prices and colors are available. please look!

buy a t shirt

2. woven graphic T-shirt* $18/month
3. A true classic t-shirt*$24
Four. ORGANIC COTTON POCKET T-SHIRT $24 (40% off at checkout)
Five. essential tea $25
6. BRIXTON Palmer T $25
7. Essential Oversized Pocket T-shirt $29
8. organic cotton crew $30
9. built drop cut* $32 (30% off!)
Ten. Big Sur Graphic T-Shirt $35
11. Jeep Graphic Tee $40
12. Boxy T-shirt made in USA $48
13. Strat Tech T-shirt* $54
14. AO curved hem T-shirt* $54
15. short sleeve ever henry* $58
16. Today’s Tech Tee* $58

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