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11 of the Most Unique, One-of-a-Kind Homes We Saw in 2022

by Contributing Author

Whether it’s a studio apartment, classic colonial or unconventional, home means different things to different people. Lucky for me, I get to take a peek at some pretty unique and amazing homes this year, from a converted school bus on wheels, to a guest house made out of straw bales, to a South African stilt hut. Okay… read on for 11 of the most unique homes Apartment Therapy has toured this year.

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1. Light and airy A-frame

A beautiful A-frame in the woods is certainly an ideal weekend getaway, but this family is lucky enough to live in this Scandinavian-inspired Michigan home year-round. What stands out is its unique charm and how it has been adapted for a small family.” courtney hall, I share this house with my partner, children, dog and rabbit. “We have made our vacation property our full-time home in one of the most beautiful places where we can raise our kids and be close to our family. For mountain biking and hiking, Nubs Nob, Boyne You have full access to the Highlands, North Country Trail.”

2. White cloud-themed studio apartment

Have you ever stepped into a cloud? Well, seeing a tour of Tynan Sink’s high-rise New York apartment is definitely the closest you’ll get without literally being in the clouds. “My house is cloud-themed. Not surprisingly,” Tynan says. ‘s Cloud Lamp (“It took me a whole day and I had no feeling in my right hand for three days after that, but it was worth it”), and the simple, airy artwork made this happen.

3. Airstream designed to perfection

“We actually bought the house at an eBay auction, but we never saw it,” Talia explains of the “schooly” bus that she, Andy, and their child will take around the country. !her 2 months into the pandemic we took a leap and never looked back. We modified this bus 100% in-house. It’s been a wonderful trip. We are even ready to convert the bus so others can enjoy this adventure too!” Now the bus is complete with a spacious bathroom, full kitchen and 2 bedrooms for a family of 3. Compatible with

4. Screened porch to be home for 3 seasons

“For the past 35 years, I have been vacationing on a lake in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where my family has a year-round home (introduced in Apartment Therapy over a decade ago) and next door I have a small hut Unfortunately, a few years ago I developed a severe allergy to mold and musty odors and the house and cabin were too musty for me despite my best efforts to improve. With the removable plexiglass cover for the screen and space heater, you can still be there in Oct. We added a vanity, kitchenette and outdoor shower so you don’t have to go into the cabin The only reason is to use the restroom,” Kyle explains of the update she made. , I feel lucky.”

5. Perfectly rounded 1980s style apartment

You certainly don’t see a perfectly round apartment every day, but despite the difficulty of providing such a uniquely shaped place, Mia created an ’80s wonderland in her home in Munich, Germany. “I wanted the home’s heritage to be reflected in the interior,” she says. She loves to play with colors, materials, shapes and graphics. She loves to play with patterns and is always trying to find the right balance between muted and bold colors. For example, Soft She combines pastels with bright pops of color. The biggest challenge was definitely the round layout of the apartment. We were used to square houses, so it was not easy to structure each room in a way that made sense. ”

6. Pink passive solar ADU made of straw bales

Imagine being invited to stay at a friend’s house, but instead of a guest room, you have an entire guest house made out of straw bales. yes, Alison Green And Dan Theriault built a pink passive solar straw bale ADU in his backyard in Boise, Idaho.we Please lend me the rest of the time Because I want to share the beauty of making straw bales with others. We worked with local experts for construction/plumbing/electrical and finished it ourselves over the course of two long years. We have been interested in natural architecture for many years, so this project is the culmination of a dream. ”

For many of us, the childhood dream of living in a treehouse never goes away. Will Sutherland Sabrina Hartley is living out her dreams in her 164-square-foot treehouse in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The couple have their primary residence on the property, but the treehouse was a dream come true for Will. Together with his arborist wife (convenient!), he ensured the long-term health of the tree and treehouse with the “Sturdy Treehouse Mounting Bolts,” known as “Sturdy Treehouse Mounting Bolts.” and “TABS” together with a slider bracket that allows movement. When not living in the woods, Will and Sabrina share the treehouse with friends, family, and friends. List on AirBnb.

8. Thatched Roof Stilts

Amy Keevey and her fiancé Marieke live a storybook life in a wooden cabin in South Africa. “Turani (the name of the house) is an all-timber building on stilts overlooking a lush old Tsitsikama forest,” says Amy. space. She immediately feels a connection with the nature around her. My studio is a grass roof and there are very few straight walls in the house! Curves, a sense of open plan, and a connection to nature (literally above our heads!) create a womb-like atmosphere that contributes to the magic of the home. “

9. A year-round ode to spooky seasons

Filled with skeletons, handcrafted octopus chandeliers and copious amounts of plaster detail. Adam Wallacavage In his words, he created a “Victorian freak show” in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He describes his style as “a mix of the seaside towns of Wildwood, New Jersey and Cape He May, New Jersey.” Wildwoods is known for his kitschy ’50s neon and mid-century modern motels and boardwalks. Cape May is known for its Victorian gingerbread. ”

10. The odd-shaped Chicago studio is just three feet wide at its narrowest point.

Ainsley Fleetwood lives in this 460-square-foot studio apartment in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood. The floor plan is definitely one of his most interesting. “See her studio with her own eyes,” she says. The building is built along a diagonal alley and my unit faces the alley and is at the end of the building so the apartment is only about 3 feet wide at its narrowest part. ”To combat the odd layout, Ainsley instead of a sofa and a conventional bed she has two daybeds and keeps all belongings to a minimum so as not to clutter the space.

11. Embrace “queer abundance” with a collage wall

Maya “Marty” Martin-Udry’s Upper West Side studio may be structurally standard, but the walls are quite different. Instead of painting or peel-and-stick wallpaper, Maya decided to create an ever-changing collage. “I started tapeing her pictures, art, notes from her friends, etc. in college,” she says. It is a kinship expressed on paper, a chaotic and overwhelming manifestation of the people and spaces I have loved and loved. Queer time—everything that has ever been important to me, all the people I’ve been with, and all the loved ones and experiences that have shaped me, all buzzing together at once. “

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