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11 Feng Shui South Facing House Rules for Luck + Prosperity

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Feng Shui can help enrich your life. Here are some Feng Shui rules for south-facing homes that can help you attract luck and prosperity.

The house you live in has a huge impact on your luck, prosperity, and overall lifestyle.

We spend most of our time indoors, especially after the pandemic, and the way we live and connect with the outside world reflects our lives at home.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that our living environment is healthy and full of positive energy. A great way to ensure that is by optimizing your home according to the Feng Shui rules.

Feng Shui, which literally means wind and water, is an ancient Chinese concept that helps build a healthy lifestyle.

feng shui south facing house
feng shui south facing house

It is a combination of art and science, related to bringing health and good luck by enhancing the interaction between humans and their environment.

According to Feng Shui, your environment should be in harmony with the flow of energies to ensure that positive energies enter your life.

The house you live in has a lot of significance in the concept of feng shui, and it’s best to follow feng shui tips in every aspect, from orientation to home decor.

here it is Top Feng Shui Rules for South Facing Homes Bring good energy, luck and prosperity to your home.

decide the direction of my house

Before we explain the importance of having a south-facing home in Feng Shui and how to enhance that positive vibe, let’s first understand how to determine the orientation of your home.

We often hear that there is a lucky direction when building or buying a house.

However, most people often do not correctly perceive the direction of the house, which often causes bad luck and negative energy to flow into the house.

Using the Luopang Compass

Most Feng Shui practitioners use a Feng Shui compass known as a “.Luo Pang” and find out which direction your house is facing.

Luo Pan is a magnetic compass used not only to find the direction of the house, but also to find the Bagua of the house.

The Luopan directions correspond to different areas of the Feng Shui Bagua, Yin Yang, and Five Elements.

Luopangs are made of round or square wood and are painted red or yellow with gold accents. There is a magnetic circle in the center, and information is engraved in Chinese characters.

If this seems complicated, don’t worry. Usually a seasoned professional uses her Luo Pan. You can easily determine the orientation of your house using a regular compass.

You can use a regular magnetic compass or a compass application on your phone to see the orientation of your home.

Grab your compass and head out the front door. If the compass needle points south, the house faces south.

What does a south-facing house mean in feng shui?

In the concept of Feng Shui, the direction of the house is very important, and all directions are assigned positive or negative energy. This is determined using the Bagua map.

What is Bagua Diagram?

Before we talk about the importance of south-facing houses in Feng Shui, let’s understand the Bagua.

A bagua is basically an energy map that determines the positive and negative vibes of a place, taking into account multiple factors such as date of birth and kua number.

Bagua literally translates to “8 areasAs its name suggests, the map has 8 parcels, each divided by direction. These areas also connect to different aspects of life and help determine the means of different shapes, colors and elements.

South direction of Bagua

As explained above, Bagua is an eight-field mandala with multiple layers. The area or region south of Bagua is known as “Li” in Chinese.

Of the five elements of Water, Earth, Wood, Fire, and Metal, South is connected to the Fire element. This means that the colors of this sector are orange and red and the season is summer.

Moreover, it is also associated with a person’s prestige, prestige, lighting and fire. Bagua’s “Li” means it will bring you prestige and a better reputation.

Advantages of living in a house facing south from feng shui

Advantages of south-facing houses
Advantages of south-facing houses

According to Feng Shui, south-facing houses are traditionally considered very auspicious, and Chinese people prefer to build and buy south-facing houses. South direction.

This concept has been around for centuries. This is one of the oldest and most impressive aspects of ancient Chinese architecture. Archaeologists have found that most houses from the Neolithic, Zhou, and Ming dynasties were built facing south.

And since most modern homes are designed facing south, the same concept still holds true today.

According to Feng Shui, south-facing houses are considered lucky because they receive more sunlight than north-facing houses.

This is a sign of prosperity. Because in those days, more sunshine meant more opportunities, better crops, and more wealth.

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Feng Shui rules for south facing houses

Feng Shui is a set of values ​​that help improve your standard of living and attract positive energies.

In order to enhance the energy of a south-facing house and maximize chi (positive atmosphere), there are certain Feng Shui rules that south-facing homes must follow.

1. Choose the right color

Color plays an important role in home decor, but in Feng Shui, it is very important in determining the mood of a home.

To enhance the positivity of your home, you need to choose the right color scheme that goes along with the orientation of your home.

The Southern Sector of Bagua is associated with the Fire element, so the supported colors are also very similar.

According to the Bagua, the notable colors in south-facing houses are fiery orange and red, which are the colors of the element of fire.

So, incorporate these colors into your home decor, wall paint, wallpaper, furniture, bed sheets, and more. For maximum fire energy, avoid earth colors such as blue and green.

Additionally, if you have a garden or plants in your home, be sure to include red and orange flowers as well.

2. Focus on triangles and zigzags

Just like color, the shape you choose also plays an important role in determining the energy of your home.

To activate the fire in a south-facing house, it is best to choose the triangle and zigzag shapes that represent the fire.

For this, you can buy decorative items and furniture such as triangular tables and beds.

3. Incorporate wood elements

Timber is an important factor for the Southern Sector. We take the concept from the fact that wood produces fire. Therefore, to strengthen the south with fire, it is advisable to use as much wood as possible in the house.

You can achieve this by switching to wooden doors and wooden furniture. Additionally, place houseplants in different areas of your home, as plants and small trees are great for attracting the energy of the wood element.

4. Avoid metal and water

As I mentioned earlier, there are four other elements besides fire, among which water and metal should be avoided.

The simple concept behind this is the feng shui exhaust cycle, where water dampens metal, metal dampens earth, and earth dampens fire. Therefore, avoid using metal furniture and tableware.

Avoid placing water bodies such as aquariums, fountains, or pools inside or outside your home.

The entryway is considered to be the most important part of the home as it is where positive energy and chi enter the home.

Therefore, according to the Feng Shui house rules, the front door must be in the correct position. Make sure the front door of your home is in the center and not in the corner.

Use a wooden front door and decorate your front door with candles, flowers, and a red or orange doormat.

6. Use candles

Candles are a great way to support and enhance the fire energy in south facing homes.

Lighting your home helps maximize the flow of positive energy, and the presence of candles can easily attract good vibes into your home.


The Feng Shui south facing house rule is a great technique for achieving good luck and prosperity.

South-facing houses are considered the most auspicious in Chinese history, so consider yourself lucky if you live in a south-facing house.

Use the rules and tips above to increase your luck and support the Fire element in the direction of optimal positive chi.

Frequently Asked Questions about South Feng Shui House

question: What is the most auspicious direction in Feng Shui?

Facing south is the most auspicious direction in Feng Shui, attracting the most sunlight and bringing positive energy to the inhabitants of the house.

question: Why should you include candles in your home decor?

For south-facing houses, lighting candles around the house is a great way to enhance the fire element of the Bagua map.

this is, shenqi And allows the fire element to attract more positive vibes.

question: What colors should south-facing home owners use in their home decor?

Red and fiery orange are the colors of fire and are the perfect colors to support the fire element of Feng Shui.

These colors are considered lucky for residents of south-facing homes and should be included in your decor.

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