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10 Under-$50 Hacks That Will Make Your Tiny Bathroom Feel So Much Bigger

by Contributing Author

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Some household items do exactly what they say on the box. Nothing more, nothing less. Honestly, it’s great. But if you go a step further and find something that improves the space you put it in, it’s cause for celebration. We love products that make your home look cleaner, calmer, and chicer. Because everything you buy is entitled to work as hard as you do. One area where these great features have a very noticeable effect is the bathroom. Bathrooms are often a bit cramped and stuffy (especially if you live in an apartment).

To refresh the feel of your bathroom, we’ve found some budget-friendly organizers and upgrades that can help make your bathroom feel more spacious. These tools can’t really increase the square footage of your home, but they’re usually compact, sleek, and efficient in their own right, so they create more spaciousness and comfort. Anything you find under $50 will instantly improve the look of your bathroom. Having it all can make you forget your own bathroom, in a good way.

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