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10 Reasons to NOT Have a Garage Sale

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Garage sale It’s not for everyone! It’s great for helping you stay organized and making a little extra money, but it also has its downsides.

Today’s article is from my friend Bridget. sunny and rainy daysShe is a garage sale expert and always has the best practical tips! Why I Don’t Want to Have a Garage SaleIf you’re thinking of selling what you’ve been organizing, read on for all the details.

i am all about Garage sale We’ve had garage sales every year for as long as I can remember.

Create a home management plan that works for you

When I come across things I no longer need, I put them in boxes in the garage in anticipation of the next garage sale.

cleaning the closet?

A garage sale box is always included.

Kick your kids out of the college house?

It is likely that there will be garage sale items that come out of that movement.

10 reasons not to have a garage sale.

  1. your place is in the middle of nowhere – If you live far away from the main road, garage sales may not be very popular. No one wants to set up a garage sale just to have a few customers. If you don’t have a suitable location to host your garage sale, you may want to join forces with friends and family!
  2. The weather has unpredictable extremes – Even if your garage has enough space for all your garage sale items, shoppers probably won’t show up in heavy rain or sweltering heat. Wait until the weather is a little more stable and realize you need to be flexible.
  3. No space to store garage sale items before sale – Living in a tiny house, you probably won’t be able to collect enough stuff to host a profitable garage sale. Instead, take your unwanted items to a thrift store, sell them online, or join forces with a friend to host a garage sale, knowing that there’s more fun than profit.
  4. No time to prepare and host a garage sale – If you’re barely keeping up with the demands of life and don’t have time to sort, set up, and host a garage sale, let go! We all live busy lives, so how do we spend our time? Only you can decide what you want.
  5. you expect eBay prices – Garage sale customers are looking for bargains. They aren’t interested in the fact that you spent his $100 on that pair of jeans or that you have a quality item. They are there because they want a deal. For this reason, any item worth more than the low price you sell at the garage sale should be listed on eBay or Facebook marketplaces. Good luck getting the price you want at those places.
  6. People who go through yours are not yours – Hosting a garage sale means fashionably placing unwanted or used items in your garage, yard or driveway. come to Touch it, examine it, ask questions, carry it around, put it down, and think about whether you really want it. If you know it bothers you, garage sales aren’t for you!
  7. have an emotional attachment to the product they sell – When the things you let go of are close and dear to your heart, it can be difficult to see them sold to someone who may not have the same feelings for them. Garage A sale is not worth the emotional rollercoaster of watching a grumpy old man go out with your treasure.
  8. Hosting a garage sale costs more than you think you’ll make – You plan to have the best garage sale ever, buy tables and clothes racks and make it look fancy garage sale signSecond, it’s frustrating when the amount you earn doesn’t match the amount you spend. All of these things are nice to have and will probably make you more money, but start slow and add one to your garage sale collection each year.
  9. I want to earn the same or more than my regular hourly wage – Unless you have a lot of stuff and quality items, you are unlikely to make an hourly wage. As a side job, you might be making some money and having fun doing it.
  10. If the item doesn’t sell, I plan to take it home – The main purpose of a garage sale is to keep you organized while making extra cash. It might be easier to take the item to a thrift store.

while i am grateful your money or your life The way I think about it, when it comes to garage sales, I think it’s something different and fun.

Almost entertainment!

I set my expectations low as to how much I can make and take garage sales for what they are… a way to dispose of things I no longer need or use.

What to do if you hate garage sales.

Even those who are not good at garage sales are okay! You have options!

  • Take your unwanted items to a recycle shop.
  • Sell ​​your products online through Facebook Marketplace or eBay.
  • Gift items to your neighbors through your local Buy Nothing Group.
  • Please leave your items in the front yard for a free sign (if you live on a well traveled street).

Garage sales aren’t the only way to get rid of stuff. The important thing is to organize your belongings and create space for the things you love most in your home!

Other ideas to help you throw things away

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