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10 Home Design Trends I’m Grasping onto in 2023

by Contributing Author

Predicting home design trends is a tricky business (for me). Above all, we truly value individuality and uniqueness and want to inspire you to love where you live, regardless of changing trends. Trend predictions are my personal opinion, what I would like to see more of in interiors and hopefully something you see here inspires and excites you you might consider !

Let’s get into it.

1. There is a fashionable Parisian lady

Image source: and studio

The grand millennial style came on at breakneck speed and feels like it left just as quickly. It can also be anthropomorphized.I still see traditional house elements, but they are elevated and tidy! I would love to explore the more sophisticated Art Deco feel that was incorporated into the Athena. I Soo Eun and Mallory book a home do this really well.

2. Mural wallpaper is still trending

Image source: Ashby Collective

In May 2021, I wrote an entire blog post dedicated to trending mural wallpaper, and it’s still trending. Because this study is covered with the most enchanting landscape wallpapers that I still love. This wallpapered bedroom recently architectural digest, and for good reason. It’s a show stopper.

3. Wood panel walls

Image source: Marie Flanigan interior

I have a whole Instagram save folder named “Wood-Paneled Walls”. My heart has fallen head over heels for the wood paneling, and can you even blame me? I was thinking of doing it in my room. How beautiful would that be?

4. Colorful stone countertops

Image source: Ashley Montgomery Design

Over the last few years we have seen very heavy stripes on the stones, and I think this year will be the year we see even more colorful stones!

Image source: flint house

The colorful stripes in the Flint House kitchen are beyond gorgeous, and we think this look opened the door for even more daring and bravery with colorful stone.

For example, the toilet downstairs.

Image source: Chang & Ayers

Expect to see blue, red, green, and more slabs!

I love the soapstones I used in the laundry room, but my only regret is that I didn’t use more bold colors. If I could go back in time, I would! Maybe in future bathroom renovations, I’ve got the guts.

5. Molding on molding

Image source: Joanna Gaines

Last week, I went on Instagram Live and was asked for my recommendations for painting walls without adding trim. ) is absolutely by painting the walls. With custom woodwork, the house looks so tall, classy, ​​and historic. You don’t want a single room in your home that doesn’t have moldings added to the walls and ceiling.

6. Structured upholstered furniture silhouette

Image source: I Soo Eun

Over the last few years, we’ve seen sofas and chairs that really make you feel at home, cozy and with cushions. Now, taut shapes and silhouettes appear in upholstered furniture. I’m really looking forward to this shift in my own home because I’m tired of photo shoots and fluffing up the sofa cushions before guests arrive!

Image source: book a home

I couldn’t come up with a more perfect example than Mallory book a home!

7. Dark wood furniture

Image source: Sean Anderson

Wooden furniture keeps getting darker and darker! Remember those years ago when all furniture and cabinets had to be white? Finally we have darker woods! – walnut, cherry, espresso, mahogany… yes please.

8. Unique lighting

Image source: Gene Stoffer

Lighting has evolved into an ‘it’ factor in a room, and I can’t think of a better example. Gene Stoffer herself. I think of lighting as the ‘glow’ or ‘jewel’ of a room. A room won’t feel complete without it, and it can completely change the look and feel of a room without overdoing it!

Image source: Gene Stoffer

When budgeting for a project, most of the time you choose the lighting first and assign the biggest portion of the changes to it. Don’t skimp on lighting!

9. Pastel Tones

design: Alisa Bloom

Jewel tones are back in paint for a while. We’ve graduated the accent wall and see the entire wall and ceiling completely soaked in jewel-toned paint! But now color extends beyond walls to upholstery, rugs, tiles, curtains and cabinets. No one is playing it safe – and it’s very exciting to see that. I love challenges, so the discomfort really excites me.

10. Sophisticated and more refined finishes and ornaments

Image source: Katrin Mood

There used to be either maximalism or minimalism, and the lines are blurring. This more “fancy” design trend is reducing space fillers and making room for more sophisticated and purposeful pieces.

What do you think about this list? What else would you like to see? Is there anything that excites you?

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