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10 Essential Grilling Tools

by Contributing Author

Ever since I completed my outdoor kitchen, I’ve been enjoying every moment I’m in front of the grill. I’ve also added a few grilling tools to my collection and narrowed down the list of must-have grilling tools for all hobby grilling enthusiasts around the world. Whether you’re just starting your grilling journey and looking for guidance, or you’re an expert and want to hone your skills, these are my top 10 tools.

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In addition to our Father’s Day gift guide, pick up some of the must-haves below as a gift for your partner, dad, grandfather, or yourself.

It’s not the sexiest on this list, but it’s 100% the most used. A grill accessories list that doesn’t feature proper tongs is an incomplete list in my opinion. I use the tongs and watch for grip, tension, length, everything. These are the best tongs that are long enough to protect your knuckles from the heat.

Barbecue gloves are a great tool for smokers, rotisserie users, or anyone who generally cooks large meats or whole chickens. tongs It can be a little clumsy, so it’s nice to be able to pick it up, hold it tight, and not tear it in the middle. I also prefer gloves with no fabric on the outside.these are coated gloves Really great.

I used to use “anti-spray oil” on the grill because spraying it can cause flares. It’s still a concern, but I’ve come to prefer it for lubricating the grill grates, as long as I do it before the grill gets too hot.Ann oil mister You get a great spray and you can choose your own oil. avocado oil Gilling IMO at the top.

No more vegetable shards falling off the grill grates.my grill bag is one of my favorite new tools over the past year and I use it every week. It makes grilling vegetables so much easier.

Combined with the smash burger recipe from a few weeks ago, a good burger press is the perfect tool for outdoor teppanyaki (flat top, blackstone, etc.). I used the underside of the burger press avoiding getting it for years. The plates worked well, but were a little clunky. Now I have tested 3 of his burger presses. This one is my favorite.

This goes along with the last great tool for flat top cooking, especially scraping and flipping smash burgers. It looks like a jointed compound knife, but I actually chose it for the following reasons. use Joint compound knife for griddles.but This one has the same shape and is labeled for flat top cooking, making it a great option if you’re unsure of the orientation of your joint compound knife.

This is great meat thermometer. The weatherproof comes with a remote lead so you can monitor it from a distance. No need for Bluetooth to falter, lose connection or pairing. Monitor 4 things at the same time with 4 leads. Especially suitable for smoking and long cooking.

Favorite grill brush. It won’t damage your grill grates (which will always rust) and won’t leave dangerous wire splinters that can get into your food. Instead of replacing the entire sponge, you can purchase the sponges individually and replace them as needed. grill brush.

Here are some tips. Never grill anything with sauce on it. The sugar in most sauces burns too quickly on the grill, leaving the outside charred and the inside raw. Season, grill, and finally brush with the sauce just before turning off the heat.these are silicone basting brush This is what I have and it works very well.

This is the only one on this list my Wishlist as opposed to what I already have. Big, Quality Butcher Knife/Simeter It’s a fun grill flex. If you really want to get something special for your grill, this is it. The shape is perfect for all types of meat. It’s big enough to handle large fillets, yet agile enough to carve and slice chicken. It looks like it’s going to be fun.

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