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10 Easy Ways To Usher In a Lucky Chinese New Year 2023

by Contributing Author

3. Wear red or bright colors/avoid black

The Chinese New Year is a time of celebration and renewal, and wearing bright colors is an integral part of the tradition. Wearing red clothes during the Chinese New Year can bring good luck for the coming year. You can also see many red decorations during the Chinese New Year. Not only does it attract good luck, it is also a symbol of happiness, vitality and longevity.

However, avoid wearing black as it is often associated with mourning and death in Chinese culture. Furthermore, while wearing black may be fashionable in other cultures, it should be avoided during Chinese New Year as it may bring bad luck or misfortune to those who wear it.

Wearing bright colors such as red for Chinese New Year can help you look stylish while still respecting tradition. So be sure to color this New Year!

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